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SFAF Rebranding Campaign

Leslie Lundin | Published on 3/19/2024

We are pleased to announce the kickoff of our Audiophile Foundation rebranding campaign.  The rollout of the new Audiophile Foundation logo is the beginning of our transformation from local audiophile group to national audiophile community.  We hope that our new logo and the new look and feel of our website, The Muse and all of our communications and events will rise to the level befitting an organization that serves the highly discerning audiophile community. 

Our goal is to enhance the user experience and create a presence that reflects the audio perfection we all seek.  In the months ahead we will be rolling out the new look, starting with the new Muse newsletter header, then the new website header with redesigned and improved organization and functionality (thank you John Doumani and Larry Gee). 

We are excited about how it’s turning out so far and hope you will be as well.  Pardon us in advance as we do our website transition. Just like setting up a new system, it takes a bit of time to integrate and fine tune components to identify and eliminate that annoying buzz.  Hopefully we can keep our buzz to a minimum and the beauty will shine through.