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Muse Intro by Grant Stoner

Grant Stoner | Published on 2/19/2024

Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth

By Grant Stoner

Is it possible to age gracefully as an audiophile? Maybe. I’m turning 60 next month, and although I don’t think I quite look it, I feel it. I have aches and pains constantly. I used to race bikes, but now get winded just walking up the driveway. I’ve noticed some hearing loss in my right ear, so the prime spot between speakers isn’t quite right for me. I guess those balance controls I always thought were useless, could come in handy.

I used to preach open-mindedness in music. You should try to absorb and listen to as many styles as possible, but now I’m like….hey, like what you like…who cares. There’s a few styles I don’t care for, so who am I to complain to someone who only likes classical. Tastes change a bit as you age, but if you still want to listen to what you did in high school, all the power to you. Life should be enjoyable on each person’s personal level.

I have all the audio equipment I could ever dream of, yet still somehow desire a few things. I guess that never ends. I have settled into a ritual of sitting down and listening to music every morning. It’s important to me and helps me ease into the day. Music is still vital in my twilight years, making and listening. Focusing on music is good for health I believe. It can help you through anything.

So, I guess my main point is, keep music in your life. Listen to whatever makes you happy, even if no one else you know likes it. However, sharing music is fun too. If you find someone like minded, which the Audiophile Foundation is especially good for, share music. Let others listen to your fine system. Share your thoughts and ideas if you find an ear. It’s truly the Fountain of Youth.

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