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Now Bach to You

Alon Sagee | Published on 5/11/2014

This past Friday, Bob Walters made my day. I don’t think he knew I was a big fan of Bach… but the little link he sent me rocked my world.

A chamber orchestra in the Netherlands is attempting to play all of Bach’s 1008 works and offering their spectacular performances over as many Fridays as it takes (at least a few years worth)!

The performances available online are so beautiful, so graceful and emotional that even with horribly low streaming resolution (including the HD), you can definitely get caught up in the music. The passion and skill of the musicians made me forget everything and just stare into the screen with my headphones on, in total trance mode. Seeing amazing performances makes me wish I played a stringed instrument (so much to do. Just one lifetime. I think).

This is no small endeavor. They don’t seem to be asking for donations or support (at least not openly), and watching the performances, at least right now, is free. For my first viewing, I selected a Cantata named Nun Komm, BWV 61. It took my breath away.

If you’re a Bachophile, don’t miss this… click on the violin to access this beautiful web page – or go to