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MoFi Begins to Settle Class Action Lawsuits

David Hicks | Published on 6/29/2023

Mobile Fidelity Settles Class Action Lawsuit over Digital Use in Records Marketed as All-Analog

I’m going to guess that for most audiophiles on either side of the analog or digital divide, this is not the first news you’ve read about Mobile Fidelity and Music Direct and the class action lawsuits brought about over their deception used in the marketing of their vinyl records that were purportedly all analog, but were in fact passed through a digital mastering process.

Is it surprising, or just disappointing, that we have not read about this settlement process in Stereophile or TAS? (full disclosure, I subscribe to both- did I miss this info in their pages?). Comments I've received from members state the obvious; if you are receiving substantial advertising revenue from the accused, you'd do best not to fan the flames of the lawsuit against them.

I received my notice from one of the law firms filing their case in the Western District of Washington (there are multiple suits and multiple law firms involved) but it wasn't until I Googled the topic that I found out that at least one settlement has already been arranged, months ago. I do not know how I was selected to be contacted by this particular law firm, and not one of the others, but it appears that the deadline for filing to participate in the distribution funds from the settlement is fast approaching.

You can get more information for yourself via one of the methods below:
Telephone the Settlement Administrator at: 833-630-6697
Go to the Settlement website
Or, email the Settlement administrators at: