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Where We're At Now

Leslie Lundin | Published on 2/25/2023

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Where We're At Now

by Madame President, Leslie Lundin

Our Audiophile Village is growing
It’s been roughly a year since we started the transition away from the Audiophile Society to the Audiophile Foundation, no small feat.  We needed to build the new website, transfer all of the data from the old site to the new site, get everyone signed up with new memberships, transfer all of the social media, including the Muse articles to the new site, increase the functionality of the new website, build the new app, legally dissolve the old entity, establish new email accounts and working accounts for the Foundation, establish new accounting and banking.  The list has seemed endless.  
You see my name on these emails, but it’s really been a group effort.  In order to execute on this daunting task, we were able to transfer most of the Society Board to the Foundation, folks that have been a critical part of the group from the early days of the Society (Larry Deniston, David Hicks, Grant Stoner and Gregory Morgan) and we’ve gained some new team members along with a growing base of volunteers. 
I want to acknowledge the huge amount of effort that Ori Mizrahi-Shalom, Larry Gee, and John Doumani have put into updating the website and doing data transfer.  On the RAM School front, Tony Chipelo, Ori, and Jim Hunton have stepped up to make those events happen and are building out the school curriculum.  We hope to see this blossom in the next year.  Don Naples, Jim Hunton, and Phil Connolly have been graciously hosting events in the North and South Bay.  On the Muse and communications front, Larry, David, and Qua Veda have taken the oar making sure that we keep up engagement and that we are ever-present in your inbox. Grant and Gregory have picked up Instagram and Facebook.  We have our new Collection Heroes group of volunteers ready to start picking up donations to support the Foundation and the RAM School.
If you’ve been able to come to the in-person events or the Friday Happy Hour Zoom event, you may have met our newest board members but if not, we’ve asked them to tell their stories. They truly are one of us and I’m delighted that they’ve joined us.
I am pleased to announce the addition of three new board members Qua Veda, John Doumani, and Manrique Zuniga.  Their stories appear on our website in their own words and you can read them by clicking on their Bio.   You can find them on the “About Us” tab, under “Leadership”.   I hope you check them out and also add your story to your bio.  We would love to hear your story as well.  Cheers!