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A. J. Conti of Basis Audio

Larry Deniston | Published on 10/17/2016

A.J. Conti, the brilliant founder of Basis Audio, passed from a heart attack a few days ago at the age of 59.

It is always surreal to know that a person I have spoken with extensively and with great admiration, is no longer with us. A.J. was one of the most passionate heroes of the audio world and then some… Four months ago, I had posted his turntable, aptly named The Work Of Art, in our forum The Art of Audio. When I first saw and heard it at a show, I was overwhelmed by it’s beauty and gorgeous sound. As one of the world’s greatest turntables, A.J. leaves this design as his legacy to the audio community to emulate. Good bye A.J., and thank you for all your inspiration.