Do you listen deeply into your music? If you have one of the albums on this list, did you notice these recording anomalies  or mistakes? Listen to some cool examples of what these recording engineers missed (or was it on purpose?). I love the behind the scenes stories from the front lines of  recording studios, especially when the artist and album is in my collection. Years ago, while listening on superb headphones driven by a great headphone amp, I discovered an anomaly on one pressing of Yes’s Fragile album where about a minute before my favorite solo guitar piece Mood for a day ended, it sounded like someone in the studio switched on another mic! It shifted the balance of the soundstage dramatically This was no pressing flaw, it was in the recording, but only on one version of the album.  I should probably send a sample in to the guys who compiled this list. Check out  their samples by clicking on the image. If that doesn’t work, try this:

10 Recording Bloopers That Made the Album


Do you have other anomalies in your collection? Please write a comment and share it!