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Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018

Kevin Olson | Published on 11/29/2018

My wife, Karen, and I attended this years’ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver.

Our first stop was at Kyron Audio. Kyron Audio hails from Australia and they make loudspeakers that are similar in design to Linkwitz Labs Orion, but very modern in look. They use active crossovers and amplify each driver. This is an open baffle design. The sound is dynamic, natural and very inviting. Sound staging is superb.

Our next major stop was at Vandersteen Audio. They were showing with VTL electronics. Richard displayed the Vandersteen Model Sevens with subwoofers and as is the norm with Vandersteen rooms, the sound was superb.

My favorite room of the show was “the audio company” displaying a new loudspeaker from Von Schweikert Audio. The model is the Ultra Nine. These were paired with a new VAC integrated amplifier.  I had never heard a sound system so perfect in my 40 years as an audiophile. I honestly never wanted to leave. They finally kicked me out.

The Raidho room with Moon electronics was also in the top 10 best of the show.

Loudspeakers from Sound/Kaos of Switzerland we’re outstanding. They were very dynamic, very natural and disappeared in the small room. They used an open baffle high efficiency design. And don’t they look like owls?

I visited the Parasound room and saw our friend Phil Jackson. They were showing the new JC5 amplifier that we auditioned at our last SFAS meeting.

I made a quick stop at the Harbeth Audio room. The 40.2 Anniversary Edition speakers were paired with Vinnie Rossi electronics and even listening well off axis, the soundstage was sublime and the music captivating. I should have stayed longer.

I stopped by the Salk Sound room and they were showing with Schiit electronics. Really great sound at a great price. I had a nice chat with Jim Salk. Jim is a real gentleman and a pleasure to do business with.

We spent some time in the Can Jam room (headphones).  Be careful when listening.  Once you listen to the best, like the Focal Utopia headphones, all others seem unworthy.

The Denver Tech Center Marriott has been remodeled and was a great location. The event was quite busy and at times it was slow to get into the restaurant. But the food and local beer were worth the wait.

My wife and I really enjoyed Denver. Karen spent two days with me at the show. Many people commented that my wife came to a hi-fi event. I think she enjoyed it.

Is anyone up for a trip to Munich in May?