This Presidents weekend, Karen and I took a trip to visit friends in Phoenix AZ. We sloshed in the snowy mountains, listened to live music in Scottsdale and visited a remarkable museum in Phoenix.

Musical Instrument Museum. I had never heard of it. Now I am a fan. My friends are audiophiles and music lovers and knew we would all enjoy a days museum crawl.

Staff sets you up with a receiver and headphones to enjoy the interactive displays. Instruments displayed are from all over the world and grouped by continent. We lucked into a special exhibit in honor of the electric guitar. Each exhibit has instruments and an audio presentation you will hear as you get near the TV in each display. I noticed quite a few folks silently dancing at the Elvis and Santana displays.

There are also rooms with instruments to play. Go ahead, bang the gong! Woop the Theramin!

Here are some photos of the rooms and building.

Kevin says check it out when in Phoenix!
John Lennon’s Imagine piano