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Intrument Interactive Frequency Chart by Independent Recording Network

Larry Gee | Published on 5/22/2019

Have you ever wondered about the frequency range covered by a musical instrument, or by male and female vocals? What about the specific ranges covered by a Piano, Violin or Piccolo? If you’d like to find out, visit this free, easy to use Interactive Frequency Chart (IFC) tool published by the Independent Recording Network. You can glean a fantastic amount of information by spending just a few minutes with this tool. The IFC is another useful resource to add to your audio tool collection. Here’s a description of the IFC tool from the Independent Recording Network site.

“Containing the best charts of their kind available anywhere, this free  user-interactive applet is built around two main charts; one showing the overall frequency ranges of the various musical instruments and another showing the average sensitivity of the human ear to frequency across the frequency spectrum. Chock full of displayed and mouse-over information detailing many important characteristics of the specific instruments and the various frequency ranges.”

Interactive Frequency Range Chart:

Average Ear Sensitivity Chart: