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What does “high resolution audio” mean?

Larry Deniston | Published on 9/30/2019

Here’s a paper issued by NARAS… see what you think

NARAS (National Association for Recording Arts and Sciences and the Grammy folks) created a paper in 2017 to help understand what they hope we all adopt as HRA (high resolution audio) standards. But does everyone agree? Have a read of their paper in the link above and provide a comment on that page for us to discuss.

Amazon and Apple are trillion dollar companies and have announced their commitment to high resolution music streaming. This is highly significant because they may change our understanding of HRA. Just what does that mean in a world where most music is recorded in 44.1 / 16bit or 44.1 / 24 bit?

Many of you have a pretty good idea what format a ‘Red book standard’ CD is…. 44.1 / 16 bit. 44,000 samples per second with a bit depth of 16.