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Audioquest Niagra 1200 by Kevin Olson

Kevin Olson | Published on 12/1/2019

Audioquest Niagara 1200 Power Low-Z Power Noise Dissipation SystemA bit over 2 years ago I purchased a Niagara 1000 LZPNDS. Picked it up at the LA show and saved 10%.  Brought it home and hooked it up. My system already had Furutech power cables based on the SFAS power cable shootout winner. So would this ‘giant glorified power strip’ do anything? Well, at the very least, it organized my power cables into one spot and opened up power outlets.


I am happy to report it had a positive effect. The noise floor dropped, imaging improved, high frequencies cleaned up and mid-range detail improved. Oh, and bass improved. Happy happy. Why had it taken me so long to do this?

Well it is fun to save for equipment, isn’t it? This helped every part of the system. My only gripe is the layout with the plugs on the top.  So this summer I see Niagara has a new model to replace the old Niagara 1000. The Niagara 1200. I could use more outlets since I have acquired so many boxes for streaming music. I have a credit with the Cable Company, so I cashed it in and ordered the Niagara 1200. It has a better layout and one more outlet available. Seven versus the six in the old model. Will it have more impact than the 1000?  Same price, so what can I lose?Much nicer layout. Heavier than the old unit.  I quickly inserted it into the system. Hey it improves the noise floor, imaging, bass and mid-range detail!  I’ll take it!  These are not HUGE improvements, but you won’t have to strain to hear them either.


So to recap, one more outlet, slightly more sonic improvement then the old model, nicer looking in my rack and easier to incorporate into the system. Same price of $1000. Net gain!  The ‘old’ Niagara 1000 now carries power to the all the streaming boxes.

Kevin says check it out!