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SFJazz, Meyer, and The Signature of Sound

Alón Sagee | Published on 2/19/2015

This is an exciting time. On Saturday we have our sold-out DAC Smackdown event, featuring 7 commercially available units in a range of price points pitted against each other for best sound and value. We’ll also have special guests Jack Bybee and Marc Stambuk demonstrating their unique and very controversial room-correction technology. That, combined with great music, great food and friends should make for a great day!

On it’s heels, of course, we have our March 1st inaugural event at the SFJazz Center, featuring a private reception with SFJazz directors and hall acoustics experts, and our first performance in the SFAS Concert Series with Blues icon, Taj Mahal.

This leads me (finally, right?) to the point of this post: since we’re going to experience the only music venue in the country purpose-built specifically for jazz, I thought we should have a little information as an introduction to support the conversations we may have at our event.

Conveniently, a great article was just published by Alex Ross in the New Yorker on Meyer Sound, the company whose products and expertise SFJazz Center used to achieve their unique sound signature. Read and enjoy.

Even if you can’t be with us for this first concert, I imagine the conversations will continue to pique members’ interest at future performances and events.