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Private: Upcoming Event: The Giant Slayers–configuring superb budget systems

Alón Sagee | Published on 5/15/2016

Join us for our next event on May 28th:
The Giant Slayers –

At this gathering in Berkeley, we will be exploring and actually configuring budget systems with many components that perform way above their price point. We’ll have a selection of great, inexpensive gear brought in by SFAS staff and members to mix and match.
If that sounds like as much fun to you as it does to us, join your obsessed audio friends and tell us what audio gem you’re bringing! Full information and registration link was published in this month’s SFAS Updates newsletter.


Registration is open to active SFAS members. If you like to become a member, or you’re a registered member have not paid your yearly dues of $25, please log in and take care of that before registering for this event.  Go to the Membership Tab on this website.