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Michael Fremer Returns to SFAS April 1st

Alón Sagee | Published on 3/22/2017

It is my great pleasure to announce one of the most exciting events of the year: Stereophile’s senior contributing editor and editor of Michael Fremer is coming to SFAS! Yes, it’s true, the stalwart caped-crusader and champion of all things analog will be here for a members-only event on April 1st! You cannot miss this.

Whether you’re a lifelong analog junkie like me, a vinyl newbie, or just analog-curious – this is an opportunity to meet, learn from, and laugh with one of the most colorful and celebrated personalities in the audio world. Join us and you’ll find that Michael is so much more than an audio critic you’ve heard of who owns a $150,000 turntable! He was, in fact, a stand-up comic, a radio show host, even a singer in a rock band. He has also spent time working on movies, notably – supervising the soundtrack for the movie TRON, and co-writing the animated film ANIMALYMPICS in which he shared the voice-over spotlight with Billy Crystal, Gilda Radner and Harry Shearer.

For our event, Michael will cover some really interesting topics. He will pull back the curtain on the audiophile industry, leading what will surely be a lively discussion about reviewer ethics and methodology while he shares some stories from his decades on the front lines of the audio business.  He’ll be showing us how to read reviews, and he’ll talk about how awards are determined and what those awards actually mean. Also, Michael will teach us how to find treasures in used record stores by getting stealthy information about the pressing and mastering of the LP by reading inscriptions on the “Dead Wax,” which is the space between the spiral and silent lead-out groove at the end of every album side. We’ll all walk out of this seminar armed with the smarts to find those LP gems hidden from less informed shoppers. Last time Michael visited, he and I went shopping at Rasputin Records in Berkeley and I got a taste of what he will teach on April 1st.  It was fun and fascinating and I went home with a big stack of superb records with the analog guru’s approval.

So, even if you’re still muttering analog shmanalog under your breath and want nothing to do with analog anything… join us anyway, because Michael is very entertaining and his many years of activity in the global audiophile community make his presentations full of enjoyable stories and humorous anecdotes. It just doesn’t get better than this for audiophile warm fuzzies.

If you’re already a paid member, look in your inbox for the email with registration info. If you’re not yet, go to the membership tab on this site, register as a member, pay the exorbitant cost of $25 for a year membership and we’ll send out to you our latest newsletter with all the instructions.

We will have two IDENTICAL sessions with Michael on April 1, 2017, the morning from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM and the afternoon session from 2:00 PM – 5:00PM. Members may sign up for only one session. The agenda for the sessions are the same, we’re having two sessions to make logistics more manageable. With Leslie just having purchased the home next door (with the enormous Tiki God statue by the driveway) members can park in that driveway as well (#14). More information will be available in the Muse newsletter for April.

As you can imagine, demand for seats at these events is very high and there are only so many members that we can accomodate. So make sure your annual dues are paid up and don’t wait. Most of our events sell out, but this one may set some records (so to speak).

See you there.




One thought on “Michael Fremer Returns to SFAS April 1st”

Alón says:    
March 22, 2017 at 11:41 pm Edit    

And, Nooooo, it’s not an April Fools joke… he’s really coming!