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March 2022 Muse Intro: by Grant Stoner, In The Home of Michael Fremer

Grant Stoner | Published on 2/21/2022
In The Home of Michael Fremer

From The Mind of Grant Stoner

In The Home of Michael Fremer

“Obsession…you’re my obsession, who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me.”  Animotion anyone?  …hmm? Sorry, sometimes I’m stuck in the ’80s.  Actually, that song has one of the most ripping guitar solos of any pop song right up there with EVH’s “Beat It”.

Anyhow, Obsession…I believe I’ve talked about this before; I think it’s fair to say most audiophiles are obsessive, maybe not obsessive/compulsive, but definitely obsessive.  I know I think and study up on everything I purchase.  The internet makes that easy nowadays, obsession is good for the industry.  It drives us, some more than others, which leads me to our friend, Michael Fremer.

Now Fremer is obsessed with vinyl records.  He has countless albums and knows as much about records as probably anyone else in the world.  His obsession is good for everyone.  He shares his knowledge.  Walking into his house and seeing the mass of records and his huge sound system you may think this guy is nuts.  But he does this for a living.  I have a huge collection of guitars, but I’m not a professional musician.  Again, obsession.

Back to Fremer…we had a chance to visit him a few months back, walking into the master’s downstairs lair was highly impressive.  Albums everywhere.  Somehow, he knows where everything is.  You can ask, do you have any whatever you may choose, and he’ll pull it out.  And his listening reference system…HUGE Wilsons in a small room?  They’ll overpower the room.  “Fah get about it” (imitation Jersey accent).  Actually, when you sit in the sweet spot, almost nearfield listening position, it sounds great.  Of course, he has very high-end amplification and sources to back It up (see photos).  We listened to a wide variety of music, from Rolling Stones, to classical and ending with some John Renbourn.  All sounded great. I really wanted to spend all afternoon, but the kids were getting impatient, as there was nowhere to sit and look at their computers, etc.  As I said, records are everywhere.

But it was a nice, albeit short visit.  Michael is a gracious host, highly humorous, and overflowing with knowledge.  I look forward to a more leisurely, extended visit someday.

Back to obsession, Michael’s obsession is good for everyone, as I said.  Are yours and mine?  I think so.  Generally, audiophiles are a sharing bunch.  We like to talk about music, our equipment, and share our knowledge and experience with others constantly, witness the Friday Happy Hours.  So it’s ok, be obsessed, just don’t mortgage your house for that new set of monoblocs!:)
Michael Fremer system  preamplifier  Omega MA turntable tube  Omega MA turntable Image 1  Omega MA turntable Image 2  SAT TurntableVinyl Record Stacks  Omega MA turntable tonearm mount