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SFAF Museum Survey and Additional Information

Larry Deniston | Published on 10/30/2021

Dear SFAS members,

We recently sent out a survey to gather your input regarding the San Francisco Audiophile Foundation’s proposed Hi-Fi museum and the number of responses was somewhat underwhelming.  The survey will remain open for another week, so if you haven’t participated, please do so (  If you volunteered to help with the museum or any other aspect of the Foundation, but didn’t leave your contact information, please send your contact info to me or if you’d prefer to contact me directly with any questions or comments I’d love to hear from you (

Some additional background about the SF Audiophile Foundation and Museum and why this is an important initiative for the club and the community:  We are refocusing our activity from SFAS, which is a Section 501(c)(7) social and recreational club, to San Francisco Audio Foundation, which is a Section 501(c)(3) charity that will focus on educating the public regarding high end sound reproduction and music.  This change will allow us to more easily solicit and collect donations in support of the organization’s goals.  Under the Foundation the same types of events and Zoom meetings will take place plus money and equipment donations will help fund our general operating costs including our website, newsletter and larger projects such as the Hi-Fi Museum.

Some of you may ask, “Why a Hi-Fi Museum?”  The idea for a museum first came about after people started reaching out to us wanting to know if we’d be interested in their Hi-Fi collections, some of which included classic gear that we’d hate to see go to Goodwill or an estate sale for pennies on the dollar.  As discussions about where we might keep such Hi-Fi gear unfolded, the idea for a museum followed.  And after further discussion we realized that the museum could not only be a place for equipment, but a place for people to gather and socialize, and to learn about and experience various methods of music reproduction.

Among the many steps necessary to form a nonprofit with a museum is assembly of an executive committee that supports the goals of the nonprofit and museum.  This step is underway and the committee will include such Hi-Fi notables as Michael Fremer, Andrew Jones, and John Curl, all of whom enthusiastically support the establishment of a Hi-Fi Museum.

We look forward to making this effort a reality and look forward to your continued support and suggestions.  Again, please don’t forget to fill out the survey and let us know if you’re willing and interesting in supporting efforts going forward.  (