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High Fidelity Nano Particle Solution NPS-1260 Contact Enhancer

David Holzman | Published on 9/23/2021
NPS-1260 Contact Enhancer

The Secret Sauce? 

A review of High Fidelity NanoParticle Solution NPS-1260 Contact Enhancer, By David Holzman.

I have been a happy user of High Fidelity Cables and power cords since they first came to visit our club 4 years or so ago.  I have 3 power cords, interconnects, and other products from them.  I have been pleased with the system upgrades so far.  With full disclosure, I contacted them and said I was interested in trying their NPS 1260 treatment liquid in return for reviewing it for the SF Audiophile Society. I was sent a small bottle ($350 size).

When the bottle arrived, I was quite apprehensive as this is a classic-looking snake oil product. A small bottle with a brush inside a black vial with black liquid.  I immediately saw the potential for huge skepticism.  I mean, by weight this is probably close to 30% of the cost of an ounce of gold!

I pushed on, and over the course of 3 days treated most of my system interconnects and power cables.  This audience will remember the old “A little dab will do you”  Brylcreem ads of the past.  This really applies here as you only need a tiny amount.

I let it settle in for 3 days and then started listening.  At first, I couldn’t believe what a difference it made!  I was hearing details I never dreamed my system could produce. The soundstage was so much deeper, I could place every instrument in a jazz group totally separate from each other. Even more amazing were Classical music passages I could easily follow in space as they moved from one section to another with the theme.  The depth of the orchestra was easy to hear.

In our systems, I find the real differences are in the details.  Beyond a doubt, the microdynamics were greatly enhanced.  I could hear for the first time Duke Ellington pushing the piano pedals up and down while also hearing the nuances from Ray Brown’s bass as its tones hung in the air. I asked my wife what she thought and unprompted said “It sounds so much more 3D like they are in the room!

For my system, this was easily the equivalent of a multi-thousand-dollar upgrade. I also appreciated how easy it was to hear the improvements. You don’t have to close your eyes, hold your breath to hear the changes. Just listen! It made me fall more in love with my system and play even more music than normal.  I thought it was the best tweak I have ever used.

Obviously, I highly recommend the treatment.  A couple of things.  It seems absurdly expensive for the amount of product.  In most other hobbies people would laugh at you for trying it for the cost. But being a nutbag audiophile I’ll try almost anything.  I also have no idea how long it lasts and how often it needs to be reapplied. I would think if it was a more worldly price like $75 it would have absolutely universal appeal for thousands.

If you try it, hopefully, you will have similar results with your secret sauce. If you do, you may be ecstatic too.