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Mo-Fi Class Action!

David Hicks | Published on 10/23/2022

I'm not sure if there is any truth to the rumor that Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, commonly referred to as Mo-Fi, is planning a One-Step release of Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire by the Castaways. Pretty sure I just made that up. Great idea though, and maybe they could give away a copy to everyone who signs up for the class action lawsuit against them?

   Liar, Liar     Liar, Liar The Castaways

There have been many articles written on this topic, and many videos too. Some of these pieces seem to me less interested in whether there was any intentional deception involved between Mo-Fi and Music Direct (Music Direct is the parent company), and more concerned with whether anyone should be upset over the deception. I think you should be able to laugh at yourself if you purchased any of the Mo-Fi releases just because they were listed as "all analog" and you are now unhappy with the sound after finding out that they are not. Then again, if you paid more than the cost of a regular vinyl record for any of these titles thinking you were buying a limited edition pressing based upon the idea that the stamper was created directly from an analog recording that could not be duplicated in the same way that a digital file can be duplicated forever, well, you, and I, have been deceived. But that’s just my opinion. Or is it?


I haven’t spent much time on this subject, but the best examination on the topic that I’ve seen is this video from Michael Johnson’s Poetryonplastic YouTube channel. It lays out the facts based on Mo-Fi's (and Music Direct’s) own words. 
Click Here For Video

If you are short on time you can, of course, just skip to the end of the video for the “surprise” that, to me, is one of the smoking guns. I found this video intriguing enough to watch it all the way through, though if you are pressed for time, you can just increase the playback speed.  And after the surprise at the end of the video make sure you read the first “pinned” comment in the comments section below the video for another bit of seemingly "pants on fire" evidence. 

Listen to 
Liar, Liar on Qobuz through Roon to see all of the lyrics