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WAM Engineeing Provides New Instructions for the Wally Scope

J.R. Boisclair | Published on 5/7/2024

Wally Scope

Never under estimate the importance of cartridge alignment for proper vinyl playback! Here's an article both for folks that own a WallyScope or own a USB microscope to achieve correct stylus rake angle:

For those of you who like to "do it yourself" rather than send your cartridge in to WAM Engineering for a full analysis, we have updated the WallyScope instructions to help you strike a better balance between SRA and VTA. As with all WallyTools, the instructions are downloadable from the product page.


Also, don't forget to view the short WallyScope tutorial videos we are compiling! Even if you don't own a WallyScope but use a USB microscope, the WallyScope instructions and videos will be helpful to you!