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Connect with Foundation members in your area
By Larry Gee
Posted: 2024-04-02T07:16:00Z

This month's website tip will show you one way to use the Membership Directory search feature to find other members in your area. To locate members close to you, you'll need to enter three pieces of information - Country, Distance, and Zip Code.

Note: This Membership Directory search feature is only available to Foundation members.

1) First log into our website, then select Membership Directory from the Members dropdown menu.

2) On the Standard Member Directory page, enter your search criteria in the areas highlighted in red. For a domestic search, enter United States of America from the country dropdown list. select a distance from the "within" dropdown, enter a five digit Zip code in the zip box.

3), After entering the Country, Within Distance, and Zip Code, click the Search button. If individuals with member profiles matching your search criteria are found, you'll see a map showing the location of the members that were found, and the total number of members found will be shown below the lower left-hand corner of the map.

Note the following disclaimer from the top of the Standard Member Directory page.

If a postal code/radius search is performed, users will only be displayed if they have valid latitude/longitude (geocodes) and have configured their visibility to show address information. If users do not appear on the map (or in results when performing a radius search) they may have restricted visibility, or do not have valid geocodes in their profile. Users with certain visibility restrictions will be geolocated in the center of their postal code for privacy. It is possible that all members may not be displayed on the map.

If you continue to scroll down, you will see contact cards of all the members found. The number of contact cards shown will likely be higher than the number of locations shown on the map, due to individual privacy settings. Click on a contact card and you will be taken to their member profile.

Using your Zip code is an easy way to find and reach out to Federation members in your immediate area. Connect with other members using the contact information provided in their contact cards or member profiles.

Bonus Tips

  • If you click the search button without entering any search criteria, you will see a complete list of our entire Foundation membership.
  • Click the Reset button before starting a new search, to clear all previous search criteria.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, or contact me directly via email.

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